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  • Xanaland
  • Who Am I?
    Best known as "Stargazer", Seattle's Grunge
    Whisperer, Seemstress for the band, and fiancee
    to our beloved Andrew Wood. Xana continues to be
    a muse, and good friend to every and all creatures
    feathered, furry, or imaginary.
  • What is - XANALAND?
    An Internet lifestyle publication. A world where
    everyone is medium gorgeous, every day is beautiful,
    Where music and art are treasured, and love is valued
    Our passion is to share trend setting style, music and
    art blogs. Provide live entertainment and expand our
    socal media community for the benefit of developing
    artist and musicians via "Shine" our project supporting
    our effort to give instruments to the next generation
    of Rock Stars!
    At Xanaland we aspire to network and support fellow
    kindred spirits while responsibly documenting,and
    archiving this beautiful strange thing we call life.